Groups typically meet from September through April, though you can join a group at any time during the home group season. Home groups are typically composed of 6-12 people and meet in different homes throughout the week.

Plug in, get to know people and really grow in your relationship with God.


In many ways, the groups of Harvest are the backbone of our church. These studies are where we’re encouraged, challenged and deepen our connection to God and each other.  There is something profoundly powerful when we gather together in the name of God.

For many of us, the deepest most meaningful growth in our lives is measured through these groups.  We grow best surrounded by men and women who love us and love God.


Tuesday Night Fellowship

Join us as we search through the Bible to find solutions to help us be the men, husbands, fathers and servants of God we were created to be. It is a great time of sharing, learning and fellowship. .


Wednesday Morning Bible Study

Our women’s study is a great time of fellowship and growing together. We meet together to study God’s word and seek Him. God has blessed us with deep friendships with each other as He molds us into His likeness. Join us on this rewarding journey!

We meet at 5:30 AM!  Yes we rise and shine early to grow in the Lord together and there is of course always coffee.